Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lancome La Palette La Rose | Absolutely Rose Spring 2017 Collection

Ever since Lisa Eldridge took the wheel as Lancome's creative director, I've been jumping for joy at each and every new launch. Both Lisa and Lancome give me effortless-chic vibes that I want all over my face. This Spring 2017, Lancome has released its Absolutely Rose collection featuring the Parisian Lips Le Stylo (ombre lip pencils), La Rose a Poudrer (rose-shaped illuminator), new shades of the Grandiose Liner, Juicy Shakers and Grandiose Mascara, and today's feature - La Palette La Rose ($75 CAD). La Palette La Rose is a palette of fresh pops of pastels and soft floral shades. 

The packaging is pink, chic, sleek and comes with both a mirror and a dual-ended brush for application on-the-go. The palette has a smart metal cover that separates eyeshadows from lipsticks and prevents any powder fallout from gunking up the lip products. The palette itself features six eyeshadows, a lip gloss and two velvet finish lipsticks. 

The eyeshadows are numbered but nameless. La Palette La Rose's #1 is a pearly off-white pink, #2 is a satin finish taupe brown, #3 is a satin pink, #4 is a frosty green, #5 is a silver glitter and #5 is a cool matte dark brown. Lancome promises that the shades can be layered and blended out to your personal preference. I think that this is a fair claim to make. The colours are pigmented (but not overly so) and are easily blended away for a softer look. The texture of the shadows is very smooth, though there is some fallout with some of the shades - particularly the silver glitter. Wearability is good, as the shadows are crease-free after 12 hours (with primer). 

Despite the limited number of shades I think the eyeshadow colours are fairly versatile for day to night. The satin taupe shade is the perfect one and done shade for daytime, while the glitter and the matte dark brown can take the taupe from daytime to glam. I have some issue with the two light pinks. I think I could have done with a mid-toned warm matte eyeshadow (matte mauve, maybe?) instead of both pinks.  

There are three lipsticks in the palette, also numbered and nameless. #1 is a clear gloss with almost unnoticeable shimmer, #2 is a cool-toned pink with a velvet finish and #3 is a warm coral pink with a velvet finish. For me, #3 is a daytime colour and #2 is a bit more bold. Similar to the eyeshadows, when swatched the lipsticks look quite bold but can be blended out for a softer look. 

The lipsticks are lightweight and glide over the lips evenly. They emphasis my lip lines if I forget to moisturize but other than that I haven't had any issues with the product. The lipsticks wear evenly but fade away after 4-ish hours with no stain. 

All in all, the Lancome La Palette La Rose is a very pretty palette.  It's lovely but I can't wholeheartedly recommend it because the the price is a bit up there considering the amount of product contained in the palette. It's not perfect but the shades are fairly unique and easy to wear, which is enough to keep me reaching for it. 

What do you think of La Palette La Rose? 
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