Friday, February 3, 2017

Chorus Supernatural POLISH, CLEANSE, & CLARIFY

Chorus Supernatural is a B.C.-based Canadian brand that features skincare made with the "Chorus Super Four" - botanical extracts, pure essential oils, plant-derived cosmeceuticals and plant/vegetable oils. All ingredients included in their products are listed as safe on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. Their product range includes skincare for all skin types, as well as hair care and body care. 

Since last year, I've been test driving three of their skincare products catered towards oily skin - the POLISH, CLEANSE, and the CLARIFY. 

Chorus Supernatural POLISH ($22.90 CAD) - facial scrub for all skin types
The Chorus Supernatural Polish is a super gentle face scrub that smells lightly of lavender and chamomile. The physical exfoliant in this particular scrub is jojoba esters. As far as I can see from the ingredients listing, there's no chemical exfoliant. The jojoba esters are abrasive enough to buff away dead skin however it takes quite a bit of circular motions and elbow grease because there aren't enough of them. The website recommends use of the scrub 1-2x per week but for me, this is the kind of face scrub that can be used daily because it's so gentle. 

Chorus Supernatural CLEANSE ($19.90 CAD) - cleansing gel for normal to oily skin
The Chorus Supernatural Cleanse is a light cleansing gel. It lathers lightly without stripping the skin of natural oils. It's not a heavy duty cleanser and I find that if I'm wearing a full face of makeup, it doesn't do the trick. It's not for me but my Mom has really been enjoying it! 

Chorus Supernatural CLARIFY ($24.90 CAD) - moisturizer for oily to combination skin
The Chorus Supernatural Clarify is a lightweight, oil-free cleanser. A little goes a long way and the product thins out nicely and absorbs quickly into the skin. The moisturizer has a natural finish and it sits under makeup without causing it to break up during the day. I don't reach for this as often as should because the moisturizer has quite a strong, natural, menthol-like scent. It doesn't disappear as the day goes along and I don't find it the most pleasant. 

All in all... I'm on the fence with all three of these products. I've used almost all of the Polish up as it acts as an easy everyday exfoliator. However, I don't find it abrasive enough so I don't know if I'd pick it up after I'm out. The Cleanse wasn't for me, given the amount of makeup I wear on a daily basis and the scent of the Clarify moisturizer I found a little off-putting. 

That being said, Chorus Supernatural is a local brand and just because I don't like something doesn't mean you won't! If natural and safe ingredients are something you look for in your beauty products then be sure to check them out.  

Have you heard of Chorus Supernatural? 
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