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Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers Wardrobe // Chocolate, Bunnies, Leopards and Summer

Spring has sprung. I'm mega pale. Face needs bronzer. Luckily, I've got the Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers [aka Bronzer Wardrobe] ($70 CAD on on my side. It's a mega palette of 8 different bronzers. That's more than one for every single day of the week.

Wearing the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil as contour, Too Faced Pink Leopard as blush and Snow Bunny as a blush topper. 

The Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers is housed in a thin, cardboard palette. It's pretty huge yet also lightweight and travels easily. The circles are a little bit small if you like to use a huge kabuki brush to apply your bronzer but I don't mind because I'm one for more of a precision application.

Also noteworthy is the scent. There are THREE varieties of the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzers, so the entire palette has a faint cocoa scent. 

Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers in indirect natural light; Left to Right: Sun Bunny, Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil, Snow Bunny, Dark Chocolate Soleil, Pink Leopard, Beach Bunny, Endless Summer

Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers in direct sunlight; Left to RightSun Bunny, Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil, Snow Bunny, Dark Chocolate Soleil, Pink Leopard, Beach Bunny, Endless Summer

Too Faced is well known for their face products. In particular, the Chocolate Soleil formula is extremely popular (and smells amazing!). It's no surprise. The bronzers are all consistently beautiful. They're pigmented and smooth (but not quite as silky or soft as the finely milled powders from Hourglass). All 8 of Too Faced bronzers are consistently easy to pick up on a brush and there's no powder kick-up when you swirl your brush into the wells of bronzer. 

The Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer is meant to be a year-round face powder. One side is a golden bronzer with golden shimmer and the other has a slightly pink undertone. Too Faced claims that there's no "orangey ick" with this bronzer but it leans very warm on my skin, which means it'll probably be too warm if your paler and more pink-toned than me. The golden shimmer is there but it's tasteful in that it doesn't look too over the top, rather it just creates a nice sheen.

The Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer is meant for light/medium complexions and perfection as a bronzer AND contour for pale-ish winter skintone. It also smells amazing and makes a stellar eyeshadow crease colour. 

The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer is darker than its Milk Chocolate sister. Oddly enough, this is quite cool toned and more dark than Dark Chocolate Soleil. I have a feeling this one will be a hit as a contour during the summer months.

The Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer is what I wished Sun Bunny was...Snow Bunny has less the orange and more light golden shimmer.  It works well as a light bronzer or a warming blush topper. 

The Too Faced Dark Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer seems to be more warm but less deep than the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. It leans way too orangey on my skin but I can still use it as an eyeshadow. 

The Too Faced Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer combines bronze gold, gilded pink and neutral fawn to create a shimmering pinky bronze colour. Unfortunately, this one looks dirty on my cheeks, as there's not enough pink and too much brown. Luckily, again, this one looks lovely as an eyeshadow. 

The Too Faced Beach Bunny Custom-Blend Bronzer includes shades of bronze, soft peach, golden ivory and golden tan. The size of the pan makes it difficult for me to customize my blend but I'm sure it's much easier with the full-size. This is a slightly deeper, warmer version of Snow Bunny. It's not overly shimmery or too warm and gives a glowy, sunkissed look when applied on the cheekbones. 

Last but not least is the Too Faced Endless Summer 16 Hour Long-Wear Bronzer. I have yet to wear this one for more than 16 hours but I find that ALL of the powders in this palette are fairly long-wearing (at least 6 hours). Endless Summer is matte and the colour lands right in between Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Soleil Bronzers. 

Is it worth it? Each of the mini bronzers weighs 0.08 oz. A full-size of any of the bronzers in the Little Black Book of Bronzers weighs 0.26 oz and retails for $38 CAD. That means each mini is about 30% of a full-size and valued at $11.69 each and the entire book is worth a whopping total of $11.69 x 8  = $93.54. The retail price of the Too Faced Little Black Book of Bronzers is regularly $70 CAD, which means there's at least $23 in savings.

It might seem pointless to have 8 bronzers but my skin is forever changing with the weather. I've had the palette for about 4 months and find myself mixing and matching with my mood. The baby bronzers can double as eyeshadows!

Since I started wearing makeup, I've been 99.9% committed to my New York Color NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny. I've hit serious pan on it and it's life is coming to an end. I know that $2.99 is a steal of a deal for a great bronzer, but a splurge on the Too Faced Little Book of Bronzers is seriously worth it if you're looking for variety and quality. 

Have you tried any Too Faced bronzers? 
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