Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mary Kay Into the Garden Lip & Eye Colour Compact

I could rave for hours and hours about how much I love the packaging of the Mary Kay Into the Garden Lip & Eye Colour Compact ($45) but what really matters is what's inside. There are four eyeshadows, three lip colours and a dual-sided brush. 

While I'm in love with the packaging, I'm not so in love with the practical placement of the products. It's a well known fact that eyeshadows and lip products should never be placed together in a palette because the fallout from the eyeshadows could fall into the lip product and make them all dark and gross. The shadows do have some fallout so it's all in convenient package but also a potentially messy one. 

The eye colours are Pink, Natural Taupe, Plum Brown and Violet. The textures are soft and pigmented and long-wearing, much like the Mineral Eye Colour Quads. All four of the shades have some sort of satin sheen. I'm okay with the lack of variety in terms of finish because the colours are wearable and fresh. Oh and that satin sheen of the shadows just make the eyes glow. 

The lip colours are Nude, Pink and Coral, sheer glosses with a hint of colour. All three contain a hint of sparkle that doesn't feel gritty or appear disco on the lips.  These glosses tend to pool around the edges of the lips when you smush your lips together, so they need to be applied sparingly. 

On my eyes, I'm wearing Natural Taupe all over the lids, Pink on the inner corner, Plum Brown on the outer corner and Violet on the lower lash line. Violet doesn't translate well in the photo but in-person it's quite standout. I finished off the eyes with a big ol' wing and some black mascara. 

On my lips, I'm wearing a blend of Pink and Coral, which ended up looking seriously glossy, a little vinyl in fact. 

Not surprisingly, I love the shadows in the quad. The lip glosses look much bolder in the pan than they do on the lips so I wasn't as enthused. Overall, it's a pretty palette for a soft, romantic daytime look. 

 What do you think of the Mary Kay Into the Garden Lip & Eye Colour Compact? 

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