Monday, March 28, 2016

#ManiMonday - Ukrainian Easter Egg Nail Art

If you've ever made and designed a Easter egg (Ukrainian style), you'll know that the process is quite tedious and the detailed designs take a very steady hand. Traditional Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter eggs) are made by drawing a design with wax, dipping the egg in dye and burning off the wax. The process is called batik and after burning off the wax, the areas underneath remain white.  

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The intricacies of the Pysanka reminded me a lot of nail art, so I thought I'd attempt to create some Ukrainian Easter egg-inspired designs for my fingertips. 

I've done both Pysanka and nail art before and I'll have you know that Pysanka nail art is just as difficult as the whole wax/dye/burning process. It took me a few tries on many of my nails and by the time I was finished four of my nails I was just too lazy to finish my thumb. Four fingers of my left hand took a little over an hour to finish... 

Have you ever made a Ukrainian Easter Egg? How do you think I did with the nail art this week?

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