Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow 3-in-1 Pen in 50 Brown Black // #ProSculpting

Looking for a new brow product for your brows on fleek routine? As part of their new Pro Sculpting range, Make Up For Ever has released the new Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow ($32 CAD), a 3-in-1 brow pencil, powder highlight and brush. 

On one side, you've got the brow pencil for colour. On the other side, there's the ever-so-important brush for combing your brow hairs into place. Then, you can twist the centre of the product to reveal a sponge-tip applicator for a matte powder highlight to apply to the brow bone for extra definition. 

I could care less about the brush or the highlighter. They both do what they're supposed to but can easily be duplicated by other products. If an all-in-one brow product is what you're looking for than the MUFE Pro Sculpting Brow is everything you need for sculpted, defined brows. 

What's important for me is the brow pencil. It's angular and triangle shaped similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. The triangle shape provides options. I can use the length of the product to fill in large areas and the tip of it to create the look of fine hairs. 

The price appears higher than similarly branded products (i.e. Anastasia) but you get the same, if not more value. $32 for the MUFE Pro Sculpting Brow 3-in-1 Pen is slightly higher than the $30 and $27 for the ABH Brow Definer and Brow Wiz. However, Make Up For Ever's Pro Sculpting Brow contains slightly more product and has the addition of the matte powder highlight. 

The MUFE Pro Sculpting Brow comes in 5 shades - 10 Blonde, 20 Dark Blonde, 30 Brown, 40 Dark Brown and 50 Brown Black. The shade range ok but pretty limited, given that the Anastasia Brow Wiz has almost double the number of options. 

While 50 Brown Black is the colour best suited to my jet black hair, I find it to be slightly too brown (hence the name) and wish it were just straight up black (or grey). But if I'm not looking closely with a 3x magnifying mirror, it's not a big deal. 

In terms of performance, it's stellar. The pencil is just the right texture - smooth enough that it glides onto the skin and stiff enough that you could draw in precise hairs. The intensity of the colour is just enough that it shows up and is buildable but it's not so stark that it creates caterpillar brows. Also, on a casual, non-sweaty day, the product lasted at least 10 hours with minimal fading. 

 Before and After: the Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Brow 3-in-1 Pen in 50 Brown Black

Overall, I'm really enjoying the MUFE Pro Sculpting Brow. I'm not going to call it a holy grail or a must-have quite yet because I have yet to try all the brow things but it does make doing my brows a whole lot easier in the morning. 

Have you tried the MUFE Pro Sculpting Brow? What's your HG brow pencil?
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