Monday, March 14, 2016

Harry Potter Nail Art // #ManiMonday

I've read the entire Harry Potter series at least 10 times over. I wouldn't call myself a fanatic but I do have a Pottermore account (I'm in Ravenclaw!). It's a whole lot of childhood nostalgia. 

One of my friends requested that I do some Harry Potter nail art and I thought I'd make it happen. I drew inspiration from @ClaireLoftHouse. It's fairly easy design but quite time consuming because of all the little details.

  1. Paint the pointer, middle and ring fingers a skintone nude. 
  2. Paint the pinky and thumb with black polish. 
  3. For the sign of the Deathly Hallows, use a white striper to draw a triangle followed by a line down the centre point and a circle in the middle. 
  4. For Ron Weasley, use small strokes with an orange polish and a small detail brush to create his hair. Then, on the nail, place two black dots using a dotting tool, several brown freckles on each side and use a black nail art striper to draw a smile. 
  5. For Harry Potter, use a dark brown polish and short, wispy strokes to draw his hair. With a small detail brush and yellow polish, draw his iconic lightning bolt scar with three small lines overlapping the hair and the skin of his face. Place two black dots of the eyes. These will be for the rims of the glasses, then follow with the skin tone colour over the black dots and another black dot over the skintone colour for Harry's eyes. Draw a line connecting the first black layer to finish off his glasses. Then, use a black striper to draw a smile. 
  6. For Hermione Granger, use the same brown polish for Ron's freckles to draw her hair. Use a dotting tool to create two big black dots for her eyes and two smaller pink ovals for her cheeks. Then finish her off using a black striper to draw her smile.
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Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you have any nail art requests? 

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