Monday, May 2, 2016

Quo Mother's Day Collection and GIVEAWAY! (Canadian residents only)

Mother's Day is in less than a week and these goodies from Quo Cosmetics (sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart) are sure to please. Seriously, they're housed in floral packaging, so what's not to love? The Quo Cosmetics Mother's Day Collection includes four items - the Quo Perfectly Prepped Palette ($20), Quo Lip Gloss Set ($20), Quo Beauty Box ($25) and Quo Deluxe Portfolio ($50). 

AND I'm giving away ALL 4 of the products in the collection, so scroll to the bottom of the post to enter! 

All of the palettes are housed in a sturdy floral cardboard packaging that is fitting for both spring and Mother's Day. Let's check them out from smallest to largest! 

Sephora Formula X #ColorCurators Collection 2016 with Ashley Graham (May)

Ashley Graham - model, designer and plus-size spokesperson. Ashley Graham is the Color Curator of the month of May for the Sephora Formula X #ColorCurators Collection 2016. If you're not familiar with Ashley Graham, she is well-known for being the first plus-size model on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine. 

As per usual, the Color Curators collection contains three shades in Formula X's wonderful formula. May's collection by Ashley Graham is cohesive colours - a coral, a cherry red, and a deep red. Let's get on to the swatches! 


36DDD is a warm, orange coral. It is slightly deeper in person vs. in photo. For some reason, this one was slightly thicker than the others but other wise it performed the same. the name also makes me wish that there was a nail polish for every bra size. Where is the 34AAAAA nail polish? 

Sexy As Hell

Sexy As Hell is a classic cherry red. 


#BeautyBeyondSize is also a classic red but cooler and deeper than Sexy As Hell.

I'm loving the female empowerment/body love theme of the names. The colours also are very fitting for the theme, as reds make a bold statement on the nails. However, these particular shades are not very unique - I already have them somewhere in my collection. As such, if you've already got a few reds in your nail polish stash you can pass on these. If not, go for it! 

What do you think of this months Color Curators Collection?

See the past Color Curators Collections: 
February - Patrick Starrr

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

VLOG: Lush Factory Tour Toronto 2016

Yeah. That's right. I filmed my very first vlog. Last week, I went for a little visit to the Lush Factory in Toronto and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at making a video. Subscribe to my youtube channel at  >> <<

The tour was quite an intimate affair. Just three of us, ooh-ing and aahhh-ing at the sights and sounds. We had the opportunity to work with the compounders to make some of Lush's current and unreleased products. Highlights of the Lush Factory included the GLITTER ROOM and the BUBBLE DEPARTMENT. Seriously though, who wouldn't want to work in a place with a glitter room? Anyways, click the video to see how it all went down. 

Yeah, anyone who knows a thing or two about Lush knows that it's a great company.  BUT It's one thing to read all of Lush's corporate policies in regards to product quality, freshness, and handmade products on their website. It's another thing to see it all happen in person. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Starlight Children's Foundation + Caryl Baker Visage Your Purchase Counts

The Starlight Children's Foundation and Caryl Baker Visage are teaming up for a Mother's Day campaign called Your Purchase Counts. For every lipstick purchased from May 1st to May 8th, Caryl Baker will donate $1 to the Starlight Children's Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing joy and laughter to ill children and their families. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

THREE THINGS: The Estee Edit Mattified Lipstick in You're Welcome + Lip Flip Shade Transfromers in Turn Up & Turn Down

As mentioned in a previous post, the Estee Edit is a youthful new collection by Estee Lauder. Today, I have three lipsticks to share with you from the Estee Edit line: the Mattified Lipstick in You're Welcome, Lip Flip Shade Transformer in Turn Up and Lip Flip Shade Transformer in Turn Down ($26 CAD each).

Let's talk packaging first. I like the metallic blue tubes of the Lip Flip Shade Transformers. What's even better? The silver tube with a paint-like spritz of blue for the Estee Edit Mattified Lipsticks. So edgy. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Blinc Box Discovery Collection

Blinc is a beauty brand that promises to provide safe cosmetics in exceptional formulas. I had only ever heard of the Blinc Mascara which "tubes" your lashes instead of coating them. Hence, I was pumped to get my hands on the Blinc Box Discovery Collection ($45 CAD) - a set of 4 sample sized eye makeup products from blinc cosmetics - a mascara, brow mousse, eyeliner, and eyeshadow primer. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Brushes

In addition to the makeup and skincare goodies from the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Collection, Tarte also launched 6 dual ended brushes. I received 5 of the 6 brushes to review. The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Brushes include the Foundation Brush, Highlighter Brush, Concealer Brush, Color Correcting Brush, Lip Brush and Eyeshadow Brush (not shown/reviewed).

All of the brushes feel sturdy and have a nice weight to them. Further, they all sport a stunning gold to purple ombre metal handles. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sulwhasoo Even Fair Perfecting Cushion Foundation in 25 Deep Beige

Two years ago, cushion foundations were all the rage in Korea (I reviewed the IOPE and THEFACESHOP versions). Now they're gaining popularity on this side of the world with brands from Lancome to L'Oreal to Sephora Collection launching their own cushion foundations (along with cushion eyeliners, blushes and bronzers)

But let's head back to Korea for a moment. The Sulwahsoo Even Fair Perfecting Cushion Foundation ($60) is touted as one of the BEST cushion foundations on the market. Sulwhasoo (owned by Amore Pacific) is a luxury Korean brand that specializes in skincare ingredients derived from medicinal herbs. Hence, the Sulwhasoo Even Fair Perfecting Cushion foundation smells a little more herbal than most beauty products (nothing bothersome).

Monday, April 25, 2016

#ManiMonday - In Quatrefoil

What is Quatrefoil? Quatrefoil is a decorative shape found in art, architecture and religious symbols. In Latin, it means "four leaves", which might explain why it looks like four overlapping circles. 

Other than a solid colour, a quatrefoil pattern is my go-to nail art when I'm feeling kind of lazy but still want fabulous nails. All it takes is two polishes and a dotting tool. At first, I used Jenny Claire Fox's (formerly JenMissFabulous) tutorial on youtube. Now, I've got the hang of it and could (almost) do it with my eyes closed. Put simply, quatrefoil is a bunch of overlapping dots. 

When choosing colours, contrast is key for the quatrefoil so that you can distinguish between the layers of dots. Dark and light work well, as does an assortment of finishes (matte, shimmer, glitter, metallic, cream) to add dimension. For this week's #ManiMonday, I chose a deep purple cream polish and a metallic lilac. 

This is at least the third or fourth time wearing quatrefoil on my nails. It won't be the last. 

Products Used: Essie Nothing Else Metals, Sally Hansen Boho A Go Go*

Do you think you'll try this quatrefoil nail art? 
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Estee Edit Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack // #BeautyAttitudes #theEsteeEdit

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of The Estee Edit by Estee Lauder in Toronto. The Estee Edit is a whole new line of makeup and skincare by Estee Lauder. Irene Kim and Kendall Jenner are the faces of the Estee Edit and most certainly well known among teens and 20's. 

When I was younger, I had a preconceived notion that Estee Lauder was an old lady brand. I asked around and it turns out a lot of my friends (and the people of the internet) think the same way. I feel like the Estee Edit is Estee Lauder's attempt to tap into a huge market of millennial consumers (me included!).

Today's focus is a piece of skincare from the Estee Edit. The Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack ($58 CAD), aimed at delivering a boost of hydration and radiance. If you're interested in the makeup part of the Estee Edit, I've popped in a few photos from the preview at the bottom of the post. I've also got a review of three lip products in the collection coming very soon!