Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eye Love Eye Cream - Kate Somerville, NSPA, Life Brand, Vichy, Philosophy and more!

For the past 8 months, I've been rotating through 9 different eye creams. Nine is the teensiest bit excessive but I've been testing them all out to see which ones I like best. I'm in my 20s so my focus is wrinkle prevention and a little hydration along with keeping my undereyes looking fresh underneath makeup. So here it is. All the eye creams I've been trying. Different ones for different reasons. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Cargo Eye Contour Eye Shadow Palette in Shade 01

Another neutrals palette? Yes. The Cargo Eye Contour Eye Shadow Palette in Shade 01 ($39 CAD) is, in fact, another neutrals palette. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

HALLOWEEN: Easy Purple Skull Makeup (Chrisspy Inspired)

A skull is one of those really easy Halloween makeup looks that doesn't require an entire costume. It also calls for very little skill (just a bit of blending) and 5 or 6 products that you definitely have in your makeup collection - a foundation, an eyeliner, a black shadow, any other colour of shadow, and a bone coloured shadow are all you'll need. 

Chrisspy's rendition of this easy skull makeup was done with a warm brown and a black. I chose to do my re-creation in purple, because what's life without a little bit of colour? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

eos Delicate Petals Hand Lotion

Just launched in late August, the eos Delicate Petals Hand Lotion ($3.99 CAD) is a new product from evolution of smooth. I reviewed the eos Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom years ago. The Delicate Petals Hand Lotion is really quite similar, just a brand new scent. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Liquid Lipsticks in Queen of Hearts, Truffle and Smoke & Mirrors

Metallics are all the rage this season. Particularly metallic lipsticks in liquid form. Want to get on the trend without spending an arm and a leg on shipping (or a lipstick that you'll only wear once)? Try the Hard Candy Metallic Mousse Liquid Lipsticks ($7.98 CAD).  


Hard Candy Metallic Mousse in Smoke & Mirrors, Queen of Hearts and Truffle

Monday, October 17, 2016

HALLOWEEN: Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art

It's been a minute since I've watched the Nightmare Before Christmas but it's my all time favourite Halloween movie because I'm too much of a 'fraidy cat to watch anything else alone. This nail art look is particularly simple, as it's a re-creation of a very old CutePolish tutorial. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

THREE THINGS: Sephora Collection Fall 2016 Bits & Bobs - Foot Masks, Hair Ties and Brushes

By "bits and bobs", I mean all those things that you find in Sephora's AISLE OF DOOM (the infamous shelving near the checkout counter). Some things in the aisle of doom are absolute pieces of poop, while others are total gems. I'm here to help you distinguish which ones are which. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

EVENT: #HardCandyFalliday2016

Put fall and holiday launches together in a room and what do you get? Falliday! 

Last week, I attended Hard Candy's Falliday 2016 event at Wish Restaurant in downtown Toronto, featuring yummy food, runway-inspired makeup demos, and a whole lot of exciting new makeup. If you missed all my Snaps/Insta-stories (@stephh_lau on both platforms - shameless plug), here's a quick recap:

Hard Candy Fall 2016 Launches

Seeing the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Mix-In Pigment Makeup Drops ($7.98 CAD) made me so happy. I've wanted to try the CoverFX drops but they're not particularly affordable. Hard Candy's are. I swatched a couple shades and they're pretty darn potent. The Makeup Drops are available in 12 shades. 

The Hard Candy Metallic Mousse ($7.98 CAD) is an affordable, accessible metallic liquid lipstick alternative for those of us that don't want to splurge $20+ on something we'll wear twice or don't want to pay the hefty ColourPop shipping. Available in 7 shades including a purple and a bronze! 

In lip prep, there's the Hard Candy Instant Lip Fix ($7.48 CAD) featuring a scrub and oil, as well as the Hard Candy It Takes Two Lip Primer Duo ($7.48 CAD) which includes a glossy lip primer and a creamy lip primer to prevent your lip products of any finish from fading. 

I've been in love with lip oils lately, because they're the perfect way to perk up your lips and add a bit of shine and colour without going all out. Hard Candy puts a twist on the traditional lip oil its new Blooming Lip Oil ($7.48 CAD), which goes on clear and reacts with the pH of your lips to create a unique hue. Available in 2 shades - zen strawberry and calming peach. 

Hard Candy is ahead of the curve with its unique lip colours. They've released new shades of existing products like the Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lip Gloss ($5.98 CAD), Hard Candy Plumping Serum ($6.98 CAD), Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipstick ($5.98 CAD), and Hard Candy All Matte Up Hydrating Lip Stain ($5.68 CAD). Noteworthy mentions include the Fierce Effects Lipsticks in White Out and Twisted Metal (pure white and a glittery chrome) and the All Matte Up Hydrating Lip Stains in Cuckoo for Cocoa and Stix and Stones (a wearable brown and purply nude). 

Other Fall launches include the Hard Candy Top Ten Satin Eyeshadow Palettes ($6.58 CAD), the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Instant Eye Fix ($7.48 CAD), and the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Lotion ($9.98 CAD). 

Hard Candy Holiday 2016 Launches

Halloween and Holiday are my two favourite times of the year for makeup. Halloween hasn't even passed yet but if you're one of those super keen holiday shoppers, you'll probably want to know that Hard Candy has gift sets for as low as $2.97 CAD for lip gloss, nail polish and eyeshadow ornaments up to just $19.97 CAD for the Jingle Nails Set (19 nail polishes), the Glam Kit Supreme which includes 54 eyeshadows, 10 eyeliners, a shadow brush and a sharpener or the Best of Holiday Kit which includes 14 Hard Candy Best Sellers.


For the face - Hard Candy Blush, Contour and Conceal & Correct Kits ($4.97 CAD each)

For the lips - Hard Candy Flavoured Lip Balms ($2.97 CAD), Have a Ball Lip Gloss ($2.97 CAD), Get Your Lip On Set ($4.97 CAD for plumping serum, hydrating stain, shimmering gloss and a cosmetic bag), Lips of Love Set ($4.97 CAD for 3 x shimmer lip gloss, lip stain or daring gloss and a cosmetic bag), Size the Sparkle Set ($4.97 CAD for 3 x nail polishes) and the Glossing All the Way Set ($9.97 CAD for 20 mini lip glosses)

For the eyes - Glam Kit ($4.97 CAD for a palette of 9 shadows), Glitter Gel Palette ($4.97 CAD for 3 glitter gel palettes), the Party All the Way Set ($9.97 CAD for 9 eyeshadows, 6 liners and a cosmetic bag)

For nails - 12 Days of Nails Advent Calendar ($9.97 CAD)

All in all, Hard Candy has some super fun stuff coming out this Fall/Holiday season. I took home a few things to test out, so stay tuned for reviews coming up shortly. Happy shopping! 

What Hard Candy Fall/Holiday things are you excited for? 

Hard Candy is cruelty-free and available exclusively at Walmart. 

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Friday, October 14, 2016

THREE THINGS: the NYX Maroon Lip

As soon as the temperature drops anywhere below 15C, my lip colour palette goes from very mauve and nude to something much darker. Oftentimes, it's a maroon or burgundy (the difference... I'm not quite sure). Today, I have three picks from NYX to share with you - the NYX Retractable Lip Liner in JewelNYX Butter Gloss in Red Velvet, and NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Club Hopper

Thursday, October 13, 2016

An Introduction to MUJI Skincare

Minimal packaging. Quality ingredients. These are the cornerstones of the MUJI skincare range. While many brands pour all of their money into marketing, branding and packaging, MUJI says that they choose a more minimalist approach to packaging and branding, preferring to invest in the ingredients to let the product speak for itself.