Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rimmel Colour Rush Balms in Drive Me Nude, Keep Mauving, Give Me A Cuddle, and The Redder The Better

The lip crayon craze is never-ending and I'm certainly not over it. There's Clinique, Revlon, Soap & Glory, New York Color, and now...the Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balms ($7.99) have landed in the the drugstores of Canada. I've tried my fair share of the lip crayons from other brands so maybe I can call myself a "Lip Crayon Aficionado"?

The last week has been a toss up between 4 colours - 710 Drive Me Nude (pink-brown nude), 200 Keep Mauving (deep mauve), 100 Give Me a Cuddle (light pink), and 500 the Redder the Better (neutral-toned red). The other three Colour Rush Balm shades include 220 Rumour Has It, 600 On Fire, and 700 Not an Illusion. I swear there's a colour for every occasion. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

WEEK 3: Oil Masque | Montagne Jeunesse Mask Off Roundup

The word "oil" in a product name makes me want to avoid it like the plague. It gives me nightmares of shiny-face and greasy hair. This week, the thought of trying out something called an "oil mask" gave me bone-chilling shivers. Yep, this week is Oil Masque Week and the Canadian Beauty Bloggers have flinged around green goop on their faces to bring you their thoughts on the Montagne Jeunesse Cold Pressed Olive Oil Masque and the Nut Oil Masque. Let's see how this one played out... 

*steph's sidenote: this week's ratings were 50/50 split in every category, none of my excessive game show lingo should be necessary to get you all riled up for our bloggers' thoughts on the oil mask...

Besame Crimson Cream Rouge for Lips and Cheeks

If there's one product you need on your vanity, it's the Besame Crimson Cream Rouge. Not only is the packaging unique and vibrant but the product iteslf is a high-performing red tint for both cheeks and lips. Besame Cosmetics is a brand that recreates elegant, vintage luxury makeup from the 1920s to 1950s. The classic chrysanthemum motifs are found across all of Besame's products. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Soft Beige and Stay Matte Primer

When it comes to foundations, "matte" is my buzzword. Any indication that a foundation is matte has me running to the nearest store to swatch and smother all over my oily-skinned face . The Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation ($5.99) is one of those products. In addition to its mattifying claims, it's also supposed to be oil-free and ultra-light weight (hence being called a "mousse"). 

Also a new release from the Rimmel Stay Matte range is the Stay Matte Primer. Since I'm quite oil prone, I opted to pair the primer and foundation together in the hopes of aiding my complexion in staying matte for longer. 

 Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in 091 Light Ivory, 100 Ivory, 200 Soft Beige, and Primer

The Stay Matte Foundation comes in 8 shades - Light Porcelain, Ivory, Light Ivory, True Ivory, Soft Beige, Classic Beige, True Beige, and Sand. I received 091 Light Ivory, 100 Ivory, 200 Soft Beige to test out. Obviously, Light Ivory and Ivory were way too light for me, but Soft Beige (5th from the lightest) has proven to be a good match. 

GUEST POST: Best Blush Brushes with Beyond Blush

Hello readers of Fun Size Beauty, I'm Laura from Beyond Blush, and I'll be guest posting here today as a part of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers group! Today I'll be sharing with you my favourite blush brushes. I absolutely love blush, and I change up my brushes depending on the blush formula that I'm using. All of the brushes I use are synthetic.