Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Empties & Tosses #17 // August 2015

Guess who's heading back to school for her very last term of undergrad? In preparation, I've worked hard to empty a few things with a teensy tiny bit of product left and to toss anything that was getting a little old. You know the drill. 

Here's my rating scale: 
(>'-')> <('-'<) ^(' - ')^ // worthy of dance party (repurchase)   
^u^ ^u^  // pretty great (maybe repurchase) 
-_- // indifference (will not repurchase) 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Mary Kay City Modern Collection Nail Lacquers in Gallery Gray, Polished Pearl & Berry Stylish // Fall 2015

More from the Mary Kay City Modern Collection for Fall 2015... I've already talked about how much I enjoy the Mary Kay Nail Lacquers ($10 each, reviewed here and here) and all three of the City Modern Collection colours are polishes that I could wear all day every day. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Two Makeup Looks Inspired by Erik Soto for Kat Von D Beauty // Fall 2015

Back in early August, I met Kat Von D (!!!) and I attended a morning presentation with Erik Soto, Kat Von D's personal makeup artist and Global Makeup Artist for Kat Von D Beauty. At the session, he shared two looks featuring the Kat Von D Fall 2015 Collection (see his looks and an event recap here). So, I thought I'd recreate them! 

/// LOOK #1 - The Natural Pin-up
The focus of this look is the versatility of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Mother. It looks kind of meh in the tube but on the face it is a mauve-pink neutral yet kind of bold dream come true. I used it as both lipstick and blush in this look. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

essence Easy to Use Jumbo Eyeliner Pen

It's obviously not safe to use a Sharpie as eye liner, even if Tay Swift does it. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mary Kay City Modern Collection Eye Color Palettes in Metro Modern and City Sophisticate // Fall 2015

Ah, Mary Kay eyeshadows. What a sight to behold. Pretty in the pan and so buttery, so shimmery, so glittery and so smooth. An eyeshadow-gasm if there was ever such a thing. The Mary Kay City Modern Eye Color Palettes in Metro Modern and City Sophisticate ($26 each) are available as of August 16th. 

City Sophisticate, Metro Modern

I'm a fan of the Mary Kay eye shadow formulations. They're very pigmented and smooth. There's some fall out because the shades are so finely milled but if you do your eyeshadow before foundation you should be a-ok. In terms of the colours in the palettes... 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Skin Republic Foot Peeling Mask (Baby Foot Dupe - with photos!)

Not too long ago, I came across a review of a product called Baby Foot – a deep exfoliating foot peel from Japan that literally makes your skin peel off (and for some people even their callouses). It’s totally cringe-worthy yet very, very intriguing.

Baby foot retails for $25 on Nail Polish Canada (high five for free shipping). It’s a little beyond what I’m willing to spend for a foot product so I put off trying Baby Foot. Months later, I came across the Skin Republic Foot Peel ($16) at Shoppers Drug Mart. At that time, it was in the depths of summer and my feet were kind of dry and gross, so I decided to pick up a couple packs (one for me and one for the boyfriend). *scroll to the bottom for nasty photos of feet, along with hairy legs and plastic bags*

Skin Republic says that the Foot Peel (1) peels dead skin in a week (2) removes calluses (3) soothes and maintains healthy feet. The peel contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), which are chemical exfoliants.

In addition to the AHAs, the peel’s ingredients include 15 plant extracts - Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Vitamin E, Sage Leaf Extract, Lavender Extract, Pigweed, Olive Fruit Extract, Honey Suckle Flower Extract, Acerola Fruit Extract, Kiwi Fruit Extract, Banana Fruit Extract, Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract, Baical Skullcap (Root Extract), Peach Leaf Extract,  Green Tea, and Rosemary leaf Extract.

And of course, tons of extracts and ingredients come with lots of claimed benefits (including but not limited to) - collagen production, reversal of sun damage, hydration, reduced inflammation, improved tone, texture and elasticity, anti-bacterial/anti-oxidant properties, reversal of aging, stimulation of cell growth, treatment of rashes and increased circulation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit // #Best Angle

Contouring and highlighting kits are STILL a thing. With the Estee Lauder New Dimension Shape + Sculpt Face Kit ($50), Estee Lauder says "now every angle becomes your best angle". It's a nice thought, maybe a bit of a stretch but accentuating the angles of my very round face with makeup never hurt. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Mother + Studded Kiss Lipstick in Tijuana // Fall 2015

Kat Von D is killing it with the beauty products. 16 (!!!) new Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks ($24 each) and 9 new shades of the Studded Kiss Lipsticks ($25 each). 

First and foremost, we need to take a moment for the packaging. If the packaging of your makeup said something about you, then own anything from Kat Von D Beauty and you would be considered COOL AF or BAMF or both. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fall 2015 Line-Up {Gleam Supreme, You Glow Girl, Sky's the Limit, Damsel in Success, Talk is Chic & Rags to Riches}

There are 15 new polishes in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure ($9.50 each) Line-Up and I'm obsessed with the "this polish means business" names. Damsel in Success. YES. Here's a look at 15 of the 6. 

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is meant to be an all-in-one bottle routine. In addition to being a nail polish colour the Complete Salon Manicure is also a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, and top coat with chip-resistance and gel shine. I have found previous shades of the Complete Salon Manicure to be inconsistent when it comes to chip resistance - some last 2 days before chipping and others last 4 days. These Fall releases are all around 4+ days. The shine is there but it's not quite as gel-like as the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. My nails don't feel any stronger but the polish doesn't stain or peel my nails which is a plus. AND I love the round shape of the brush. One or two swipes covers my entire nail in polish. Overall, a great formula if you're looking to care for the health of your nails plus add a bit of colour. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadows in Thrasher, Electric Warrior, Raw Power & Black No. 1

Rainbow eyeshadows are not something you see every day, especially when they're metallic. The 11 intense new Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadows ($25 each) are striking in colour and pigmentation and surprisingly long-wearing and fallout free.